it solutions

R.E.A. has partnered with the most seasoned and respected IT professionals to support clients with software integration, cyber security solutions, EMS upgrades and CIP compliance. 


We have expertise with NERC and FERC regulations.  As part of the NERC leadership we helped develop and enforce NERC standards, conducted audits, and certified entities.


If you are considering a solar farm or wind farm project we have assisted clients with renewable energy projects.  Our expertise in the rapidly expanding segment is unmatched. 


OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE helped shape the Energy industry.

Our network includes engineers, former regulators, and IT experts. We have special expertise in compliance, engineering, IT, and renewable energy.

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R.E.A. has partnered with the most seasoned and respected engineers to help with relay testing and maintenance, modeling, and interconnection studies.  We can assist clients with various projects and planning.

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Improve operations.
reduce liabilities.